National Alliance calls for protests on Friday

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called its supporters to stage marches on Friday after prayers in Cairo and Giza under the slogan "Bring Down the regime, the revolution continues."

The Alliance stressed in a statement Thursday that the protests would not be violent as the Alliance would not allow for a civil war.
Mohamed Sabry, a leader of the Construction and Development Party, said Friday protests are planned to reject the trial of toppled President Mohamed Morsy, and to call on people to complete the revolution after coup leaders hijacked it.
"Slogans of the 25 January revolution and others rejecting the trial of Morsy and detainees would be raised," the statement read.
"No backtracking on the revolutionary movement," it continued.
Chairman of Salafi-led Fadila Party Mahmoud Fatehy meanwhile called for using stones against the security forces.
Ahmed Rabie, one of the MB youth, said that protests would continue to reject the "military coup and its tyranny embodied in the arrest and prosecution of leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood."
"The decision to release the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood is not a gift or a grant from the authorities who do not know means other than tyranny to achieve political gains," he told Al-Masry Al-Youm.
Alaa Abul Nasr Secretary General of the Constructon and Development Party, said the Alliance would call for protests against price hikes and other demands for different segments of society. These demonstrations will go in parallel with the protests demanding the return of legitimacy and the release of political detainees.
Mohamed Abu Samra, Secretary General of the Islamic Party affiliated with the Jihad organization, said it has been coordinating with the Alliance to develop a new plan to improve the performance of demonstrations and to attract different classes and people.
He added the Alliance will take a decisive stance against the high cost of living and economic collapse.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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