National Salvation Front rejects constitutional referendum

The National Salvation Front, the main liberal opposition group to the government led by President Mohamed Morsy, announced its categorical rejection of the constitutional referendum scheduled for 15 December on Sunday night.

In a press statement read by Sameh Ashour, head of the Lawyers Syndicate, the front said the referendum foments strife and division.

The group rejected the content of the draft constitution, which it said consecrates tyranny and the president’s ability to violate liberties.

The statement rejected holding of the referendum while "Brotherhood militias and extremist gangs" threaten demonstrators in the streets. Ashour said this reflects the recklessness of the Morsy regime, which is endangering national security with violent confrontations.

He also condemned what he described as extremist campaigns targeting the media, and renewed the front’s support for Egypt's judges and their position in defending justice.

The front called for peaceful demonstrations in Cairo and the rest of the country on Tuesday to protest the president’s decision to ignore the legitimate demands of the people, who reject a constitution that ravages freedoms and rights.

The statement ended by saying the president and Brotherhood have abducted the state and society, an act proving that they do not work for the benefit of the people. Ashour cited the government’s raising of the price of commodities and cost of living as proof of the burden it lays upon Egyptian families.

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