NDP members resign and villagers protest against ‘rigged’ poll

Around 700 National Democratic Party (NDP) members in the district of Beni Sueif submitted collective resignations on Wednesday, following alleged electoral fraud in the run-off parliamentary elections held on 6 December.

The resigning members say elections in Beni Sueif were rigged in favor of NDP candidate Magdy Bayoumy, who defeated his rival Abul Kheir Abdel Aleem, another NDP candidate.

In an unprecidented move, the NDP nominated more than one candidate for 150 dictricts, a decision that led to internal party strife.

Yasser Shalaby, head of the Barout local council, says he submitted his resignation along with ten other local council members and 689 members of the general assembly of the NDP’s Center Unit in Barout.

The members reject what they claim to be a rigged run-off poll, and refuse to support Bayoumy, the winning candidate.

NDP secretary-general in Beni Sueif Abdel Rahman Selim, however, denies receiving any resignations, adding that the NDP did not interfere in the poll in favor of any candidates.

Meanwhile, Barout villagers protested against Abdel Aleem’s loss. They blocked the road leading to Ahouh village, Bayoumy’s hometown, throwing stones and setting car wheels ablaze.

Translated from the Arabic Edition. 

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