NGOs report detects continuous decline in violence

A report by an NGO coalition formed to monitor the upcoming parliamentary elections along with cases of violence in Egypt, has revealed that the amount of violent incidents continued to decline between 20 and 26 March.
The joint local-international Parliamentary Elections' Observatory said in its 12th report that during the above-mentioned period, 91 incidents of violence occurred in 18 governorates, 17 percent less than the previous week.
Attacks against civilians accounted for 41 percent of the reported incidents, while assaults on army and police forces made up nearly 23 percent.
The NGO coalition formed to observe the parliamentary elections includes the Global Network for Rights and Development – GNRD (Norway) and the International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights – IIPJHR (Switzerland), along with a number of local partners, including MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights.

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