Normal traffic in Tahrir, dozens protest constitutional amendments

Tahrir Square remained quiet on Saturday morning after the previous day's mass protest calling on the military to handover power.

The flow of traffic is now regular at all of the square's entrances and exits.

Popular committees or patrols responsible for securing the square checked the ID cards of citizens wishing to enter the square from the side of the Omar Makram Mosque, causing some resentment.

Dozens of protesters marched through the square at 10 am, chanting slogans against the supplementary constitutional declaration and the dissolution of the Parliament, such as, “Oh our country revolt, revolt, against the Constitutional Declaration,” “they ordered the dissolution of the parliament after spending [LE]2 billion” and “no to dissolving the parliament, the revolution is still in the square."

The protest came as Mohamed Morsy took his oath before the Supreme Constitutional Court, becoming the first president after the uprising of January 2011, Egypt's first non-military president, and the first elected Islamist president in the Arab world. 

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