Nour: Gamal Mubarak is imposed on Egypt

The founder of the Ghad Party Ayman Nour said Gamal Mubarak is being imposed on the Egyptian people as a potential presidential candidate in total disregard for the law and the Constitution. The plan to install Gamal as president is haughty and is insulting to political life in Egypt, said Nour.

During an interview with Hossam el-Sokkari on a TV show aired a few days ago on BBC Arabic, Nour said, "I’m not against Gamal’s work in politics… but I refuse to see politics serve him, like when he gives instructions to ministers and officials during his tours."

Nour said he was ready for Gamal to join the Ghad Party when it was founded, but as an Egyptian citizen, and not as the son of the president. Nour said he does not refuse to speak to Gamal. "I would be happy to meet Gamal and host him in my home, if he would like. There is no personal problems between us," he said.

Referencing his own comments made during the Mahalla protests where he said he found Gamal to be dull, Nour said that was the view of several Egyptians because Gamal looks down on people.

Nour added that he has no personal problems with Hosni Mubarak or his son Gamal. Rather, he is opposed to certain things they have done to serve the interests of Gamal.

Previously Nour thought about working with Gamal in forming the Mostaqbal Party, and a government official suggested Nour invite Gamal, who had just returned from the United States. He responded, saying "I’m not against Gamal, for he is almost my age. It is just that there is no chemistry between us."

Nour added that he only met Gamal once as a member of a People’s Assembly delegation to the president’s office. During the visit, Talaat el-Qawwas, MP for Abdeen, suggested they form a party together.

Nour said he was then surprised to read soon after that he was allegedly using Gamal’s name to serve his own interests, and had forced him to change the name of the party from Mostaqbal to the Ghad Party. The idea of working with Gamal politically was nipped in the bud, he said.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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