Nour Party considering withdrawal from elections: Yasser Borhamy

Deputy Head of the Salafi Dawa Yasser Borhamy said on Wednesday that the Nour Party is considering withdrawing from parliamentary elections, adding that party leaders almost unanimously agree to withdrawal.
Borhamy, who said the party will announce a final decision in a few hours, denied disagreements between Salafi Dawa and Nour Party leaders over the party's withdrawal from the elections.
"Everyone can watch and read about the murder, beating, and dragging of our candidates since the beginning of the elections, amid the total silence of the state and its apparatuses who should protect candidates," Borhamy said.
Borhamy said security authorities are reluctant to protect Nour Party candidates. Official and privately-owned media have incited people against Nour Party and Salafis, Borhamy added, stating that the media campaign aims to eliminate the Nour Party from the political arena.
Borhamy described the elections as "farce" due to huge violations.
The Nour Party spotted candidates at polling stations late, at night after the end of voting, inside polling stations, which demonstrates forgery, according to Borhamy.
Borhamy accused the Muslim Brotherhood, extremist groups, the state and unidentified people of being behind attacks on Nour Party candidates.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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