November Mediterranean summit postponed until further notice

A Mediterranean Union summit planned to be held on 21 November in Barcelona has been postponed, according to a statement from the co-presidency of the Presidents of France and Egypt of the Paris Summit for the Mediterranean.
"Given the evidence that the deadlocked peace process in the Middle East would make satisfactory participation in the summit scheduled for 21 November impossible, the co-presidency and Spain have decided to postpone the summit," said the statement.

“Egypt, France and Spain wish the summit to be held in Barcelona in the coming months," the statement further read. "Given this objective, they call for an early resumption of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians on the basis of international law, the agreements signed between the parties, and other terms of reference of the peace process."
The co-presidency also welcomed the progress made on existing projects launched at the Paris summit in July 2008, and welcomed the continuing work of the General Secretariat based in Barcelona and the completion of the overall Work Plan and budget which, the statement said, will help intensify cooperation on both sides of the Mediterranean.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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