Parliamentary candidate registration venues to be determined Saturday

The dates and venues for candidates to submit applications to run in parliamentary elections will be determined at the Saturday meeting of the High Elections Commission, commission head Abdel Moez Ibrahim has said.

Ibrahim also said the commission is considering appointing a spokesperson to speak on its behalf.

Judicial sources said the commission has suggested to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) that candidates submit their applications on 12 October at the Court of First Instance in their respective electoral districts.

On its official website, the commission explained that it will devise a system that regulates the symbols used by candidates to represent themselves on voting ballots, as well as determines whether candidates run individually or as part of political parties. The commission will also investigate and resolve any complaints filed while elections are being held.

The commission will also organize Egyptian and international civil society organizations monitoring the elections and establish rules for campaigns in accordance with the law, which prohibits slogans or symbols that contain racial, religious or gender discrimination.

Moreover, the commission will devise rules to ensure that all candidates are given equal time and space to campaign in state and private media.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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