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Police arrest Uber driver for assaulting woman in Cairo

Security services in Cairo on Monday arrested an Uber driver for harassing and injuring a woman in the Fifth Settlement area during a ride.

The security services examined a post on Instagram by the sister of the victim, saying that the woman had been harassed and threatened with a knife.

The woman’s sister, Sally Awad, wrote on Instagram that her 40-year-old sister was harassed by an Uber driver during a ride on Saturday from the Fifth Settlement area to Sheikh Zayed area.

Awad added that during the ride “The driver stopped behind the Air Defense Stadium, under the pretext that he was getting a bottle of water from the car trunk.”

Quoting her sister, she explained that: “When he stopped the car, I started to get nervous because of his behavior because all the way as he was looking at me in a terrifying way. He got out of the car to get a bottle of water from the trunk. He opened the car door and was holding a knife his hand. He told me to get out, and when I resisted him, I was seriously injured in my right hand.”

“Then I started to scream to call for help from any of the passers-by, but the driver immediately got into his car and ran away. After that, I went to the Air Defense Hospital to treat the wound I sustained in my right hand. Then the policemen came and I told them what had happened.”

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