Police seize control of Kerdasa, a major general killed

Deputy head of Giza Security Directorate was shot dead during a successful police campaign to regain control of the Kerdasa district of Giza on Thursday, a security source told state-run news agency MENA.
Major General Nabil Farrag died as soon as he reached Haram Hospital shortly after he was shot in the right side of his body. 
Another 4 recruits were injured, a source told Al-Masry Al-Youm.
Due to their efforts, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said that the police forces have now completely taken control of the Kerdasa area of Giza on Thursday. In coordination with army forces, the police carried out a plan to control who enters and exits the town.
State TV reporter said 48 suspects wanted by security were arrested in the raid. He noted that three of those took part in the attack on Kerdasa police station: Ahmed Eweis, who is accused of killing the station’s chief, Alaa Bahloul, who killed the chief’s deputy and Sayyed Abdel Hai, who planned the assault.
The reporter added that nine police officers were injured when a grenade was thrown at them by an attacker who managed to flee while his companion was arrested with six other grenades and a machine gun.
The police are still monitoring some terrorist elements in the area, while the special operations forces are currently surrounding the homes of suspects accused of killing and torturing the officers at Kerdasa Police Department during the horrifying incident that took place in August and left 11 officers dead.
The minister explained that the Interior Ministry formed an operations room to monitor the fierce confrontation between the police forces and the armed elements standing on rooftops, but the forces managed to control the situation.
The security forces has arrested 28 suspects so far, some of whom were shooting at the army and police from rooftops and mosques minarets.
The Interior Ministry appealed to residents of Kerdassa to help the forces reach terrorist suspects involved in the incident of the attack on the police department in August.
The ministry also called on citizens to leave any areas where confrontations between the forces and the suspects take place.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm and MENA

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