Preachers Union accuses Endowments Ministry of politicized appointments

The Independent Preachers’ Union attacked Endowments Minister Talaat Afifi’s decision to appoint 18 figures to leading positions in the ministry, within the framework of raising efficiency and improving Islamic preaching.

They said that these figures have ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi movement, describing the decision as a way for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis to dominate in all state institutions.

Mohamed al-Bastawisi, head of the union, said that the minister’s agenda is now clear, namely for the Brotherhood and Salafi movement to prevail over the Endowments Ministry, adding that Afifi should follow the right, moderate and centrist approach in the selection of the ministry’s leadership.

He stressed that these appointments ​​would lead to the destruction of the preaching process, since Brotherhood domination is no longer limited to state institutions, but extending to the preaching process.

Afifi had refused to renew the contracts of the former leaders of the ministry, and replaced them with the 18 figures that have come under criticism from the Independent Preachers’ Union.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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