Presidential hopeful warns against Brotherhood attempts to ‘swallow’ society

Presidential hopeful Abul Ezz al-Hariry warned on Sunday against what he described as attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood to “swallow the state and society.”

At a rally held in 6th of October City, Hariry also criticized what he called Brotherhood attempts “to classify Egyptians along sectarian lines as a means to mobilize voters in the elections.”

He also warned against using religion to serve political ends, state-run news agency MENA reported.

Hariry criticized the use of sectarian mottos, such as former presidential hopeful Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s recent call for jihad.

Hariry praised the decision to suspend natural gas exports to Israel.

“This decision is a victory for a previous judicial ruling that ordered a halt on the exports,” he said.

The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company on Monday announced the cancellation of the 20-year-long gas deal, under which Egypt supplies Israel with 40 percent of its natural gas needs.

He said that any infringement of Egypt’s sovereignty as a result of the Camp David Accords, or in any ensuing steps toward normalization with Israel, should be subject to review.

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