Presidential palace detainees caught by Muslim Brotherhood

The detainees who were arrested in and around the protests in front of the presidential palace in the past week were "caught and detained" by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, investigations by the public prosecutor revealed on Saturday by the state news service MENA.

 According to the report, the detainees were arrested while the Muslim Brotherhood was protesting in support of President Mohamed Morsy, and then handed them over to the police. Brotherhood members claimed that the detainees had assaulted members of the group and destroyed property,

State-run news agency MENA reported that the police then referred 137 of the detainees to the public prosecutor.

All but four of the detainees were released yesterday after further investigations proved them to be innocent. The remaining four detainees are still undergoing questioning.

The investigations also found that Muslim Brotherhood members detained 49 others which they did not hand over to police but passed on to public prosecutors directly, on the charge that these detainees were in possession of firearms, weapons and Molotov cocktails.  

In the statement, the public prosecutor also said told the police to report all observed damages, and to ask the Radio and Television Union to provide the video they recorded of the clashes, in order to determine liability.

Edited translation from MENA

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