Protesters cry out against Alexandria’s new Brotherhood deputy governor

Dozens in Alexandria protested on Friday against President Mohamed Morsy’s decision to appoint Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan al-Brince as the deputy governor.

Brince is a former Freedom and Justice Party MP. Morsy announced his new appointment on Thursday.

The protesters, who were affiliated with different revolutionary groups, said that Brince’s appointment represents the latest example of the Morsy administration’s plan to “Brotherhoodize” the state.

The protesters gathered at municipality council, shouting slogans claiming that the decision is a conspiracy against Alexandria.

In September, Morsy appointed the Brotherhood affiliated Mohamed Atta Abbas as Alexandria’s governor.

The protesters said that they rejected Abbas, but in spite of their dissent, Morsy appointed a new Brotherhood figure to top of the governorate.

They threatened to continue protests and sit-ins to force the president to withdraw the decision.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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