Protests outside cabinet call for cancellation of Emergency Law

Members of 17 political parties and movements have marched to the cabinet building to protest the Emergency Law. They held banners warning of the hijacking of the revolution.

The marchers were joined by supporters of Omar Abdel Rahman, who is serving multiple life sentences in the US on terrorism charges.

Victims of the 25 January revolution and families of those killed in the uprising also staged protests on Monday in front of the cabinet. They demanded that the prime minister dismiss the director of the Victims Fund, as she had been the secretary of the fugitive former Finance Minister Boutros Ghali, and a member of the dissolved National Democratic Party.

The protesters say the government has so far issued compensation to the tune of LE15,000, but that it has not disbursed the additional monthly compensation that it had promised.

The prime minister promised on Monday to meet with them and discuss their demands.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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