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Putting Women at the Heart of Social Innovation

Many people from all walks of life believe that business should be about more than generating profits. They feel it can be a way to initiate positive change, provide services for those in need, or develop innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

This philosophy, according to the social enterprise Sparknews, has particularly resonated with women, who make up 45 percent of the world’s social entrepreneurs—a significantly smaller gender gap than in the traditional professional world.

Yet in social entrepreneurship, as in classic business, women still encounter many gender specific obstacles (financial, cultural, etc.) and difficulties to get their projects off the ground. More than ever they need successful and accessible role models to encourage and inspire them and future generations of girls.

This is why on this day celebrating International Women’s Day, Sparknews has invited 21 media partners, including Egypt Independent, to join forces and highlight often unknown and yet exceptional female social entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Supported by AXA Insurance, “Women in Businesses For Good” aims to reveal impactful innovations designed by women, and their potential to be scaled up or replicated elsewhere.

We are certain that you will find these stories inspiring, and we encourage you to share them (#WB4G) and bring women’s creativity and initiatives to tackle global problems.

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