Qandil: Draft of new constitution by September

Egypt's new constitution will be drafted by the end of September, Prime Minister Hesham Qandil said on Saturday.

During the dedication of the Sidi Gaber train station in Alexandria, Qandil said that once the draft is complete, it will be put forward for a popular referendum.

The Constituent Assembly, appointed by the dissolved People's Assembly, has been in the process of drafting the first post-Mubarak constitution since June.

The formation of the Constituent Assembly has been a source of extreme contention between the country's political forces. Secularists opposed Islamist parties' control over the first assembly. Appointed by the Islamist-dominated Parliament, the assembly held a large proportion of conservative and Islamist figures. 

The Supreme Administrative Court dissolved the first assembly in April because it said it lacked balance and failed to represent the full spectrum of Egyptian society. The court is still considering an appeal filed against the second assembly that was formed.

Edited translation from MENA

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