‘Red sea Islands free from plastic’ initiative launches campaign for waste disposal

The Red Sea Marine Park Authority launched on Thursday the campaign “Keep this beauty intact for the next generations because it is national economic wealth” in response to warnings from the United Nations on the dangers of plastic waste for maritime life in seas and oceans.

The UN reports revealed that plastic waste threatens coral reefs in seas and oceans because of its slow decomposition.

The campaign is part of the initiative of “Red Sea Islands free from plastic” in Wadi al-Gamal in Marsa Allam area in cooperation with “Shabab betheb Masr” [Youth loves Egypt] Foundation.

The initiative aims to protect diving tourism as being the most important element of tourist activity in the Red Sea, which attracts about 2 million tourists annually.

The initiative started with the elimination of plastic waste from Um al-Sheikh and Mahabs islands, Hamata beach in Wadi al-Gamal protected area and will continue until all islands and beaches and areas of diving in the protected areas are completely free from waste.

The initiative includes continuous cooperation with diving centers and civil society organizations in addition to using a marine vessel control system. The initiative further launches awareness campaigns on the dangers of waste disposal and encourages the use of paper bags instead of plastic ones.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm







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