Residents from Daqahlia village reject House of Representatives presence, citing neglect

Residents from Daqahlia governorate’s Mubarak Village on Tuesday announced their rejection to visitation from members of the House of Representatives, accusing them of neglecting their needs.

Banners were pasted on buildings expressing their frustration, with several villagers stating that that the House of Representatives members were not welcome in Mubarak village.

Resident Mohammed Abdallah said that a campaign was being organized to unite youth from the villages of Mubarak, Shamas, al-Tahseen, Ezzbet 15, Ezzbet 12 and al-Mosadra, who he claims all still lack the improvements that was promised to them by the House of Representatives.

“We do not have a youth center even after we provided a plot of land and extracted a license,” he lamented.

“Unfortunately, we use a rented house without water and electricity as the youth center’s headquarters.”

Another resident, Nader Gomaa, said that “We see members from the House of Representatives only before the elections. After they win, they do not come to the village.”

Gomaa listed a host of issues plaguing the village such as elementary school classroom attendance only reaching 70 students, and hospitals lacking in physicians and medicine.

“We have complained to the members and the governor, to no avail,” Gomaa said.

House of Representatives member Ali Makram Radwan stated that services have been provided since 2003 such as transforming Shamas from a manor to a village, providing a sewage station and technical and industrial secondary schools.

A youth center and playground are currently under construction, he added.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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