Residents set Port Said Governorate HQ alight

Around 3000 protesters from a settlement in Port Said, north east of Cairo, set the headquarters of the Port Said governorate on fire today after they found a complaint they had submitted to the governor  trashed in a garbage can.

Protesters and eye witnesses said they saw two motorbikes on fire, while the protesters had burned the 40-meter high glass edifice of the governorate headquarters.

Residents of Zerzara had put up tents in front of the headquarters of the governorate, saying they were organizing a sit-in. They blocked the governor's entry to his office after they were not provided the apartments the governorate pledged to give.

Police officers asked a well-known sheikh to mediate between the governor and the protesters from Zerzara.

Residents said the governor told the negotiators that that the apartments will be delivered over 15 days in three batches.

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