Revolution Youth Coalition demands dismissal of Sharaf’s cabinet

The 25 January Revolution Youth Union demanded on Sunday the dismissal of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's cabinet and the formation of a national salvation government with complete powers to govern the rest of interim period.

In a statement on Facebook, the coalition condemned the ruling military council’s policies in running the country, saying "it has achieved nothing throughout the past 10 months except strengthening corrupt figures’ domination over Egypt."

The statement proposed that the national salvation government have the political powers of the military ruling council and set a date for presidential elections before April 2012.

It also called for restructuring the Interior Ministry, dissolving the Central Security Forces and bringing murderers to trial.

The coalition has suspended its electoral campaigns until these demands are met.

Fierce clashes erupted on Saturday in downtown Cairo and other governorates between protesters and security forces. At least two were killed in Cairo and Alexandria, and over 760 people were injured in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.

Alexandria Security Chief Major General Khaled Ghoraba said troops were patient with protesters who hurled stones at the Alexandria Security Directorate building in Somouha.

State-run news agency MENA quoted Ghoraba on Sunday as saying, "We didn’t start violence with protesters. We tried to defend ourselves and the building."

MENA also quoted a directorate source as saying, "Some elements infiltrated protesters and threw Molotov cocktails at Central Security Forces near the directorate."

The violence at the Alexandria Security Directorate left a founder of the Egyptian Current Party, Bahaa Mohamed, dead and four injured, according to the Health Ministry.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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