Rights report: Teachers recorded largest number of protests in December

The education sector saw the largest number of strikes of any sector during the first half of December, according to a report released on Sunday by the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights.

Eighty-nine protests took place in that period, according to the report, with 61 protests in the public sector and 28 in the private sector. Demands voiced in the protests mainly focused on the issues of pay and permanent contracts.

Eighty thousand administrative officers at the Education Ministry's departments in various governorates took part in protests demanding the disbursement of bonuses, while thousands of teachers demanded permanent contracts.

The report added that the 89 protests included 28 sit-ins, 27 demonstrations, 25 sit-down strikes, three hunger strikes, two sit-in threats, two road blocking incidents, one strike threat, and one rally.

Protests have also been staged by government employees charged with monitoring polling stations during parliamentary elections. They demanded the receipt of bonuses pledged by the High Judicial Elections Commission.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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