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Salafi party holds Egyptian govt responsible for Israeli Embassy unrest

The Egyptian caretaker government is responsible for Friday's violence outside the Israeli Embassy, Giza Security Directorate and the Interior Ministry, said the Salafi Nour Party in a statement on Saturday.

Published on the party’s Facebook page, the statement blamed the government for what the party sees as its reluctance to fulfill popular demands, which fueled anger behind the Friday protests. It also accused the government of issuing new laws unilaterally, without consulting the various political groups that represent the Egyptian people.

The statement further said that the Friday unrest at the embassy must not affect the upcoming parliamentary elections. It offered condolences to the families of the three people who died during the Israeli Embassy protests.

Various political groups should try their best not to succumb to populist passions, the statement said, describing the incidents as tragedies that have tarnished Egypt’s image internationally. It condemned the assault on the Interior Ministry and called for the return of items stolen from the building.

The statement also accused local forces of pushing Egypt into turmoil in collaboration with foreign groups, though it did not identify these forces.

Holding elections is the best way of getting the country out of its political crisis, the statement said, as handing power to an elected government will guarantee that the people's demands are fulfilled.

The statement also warned against postponing parliamentary elections any further.

Translated from the Arabic Edition