Salafis to hold ‘Sharia First’ protest Monday at Media Production City

Multiple Salafi movements have announced mass demonstrations Monday outside Media Production City, under the title of “Sharia First,” to demand the dismissal of talk show hosts they consider “tools for burning the country.”

Supporters of former Salafi presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, the Salafi Front, the Nour Party and the Coalition of Sharia Students issued a joint statement calling for a boycott of certain television channels and newspapers for their policies, which they say are against Islamists.

The statement said it expects millions to join the protests.

The statement singled out Dream TV for its “10 pm” talk show, hosted by Wael al-Ibrashy, and “Dream Morning” with Jehan Mansour; ON TV for its programs “Last Words” with Yousry Fouda and “ON Morning” with Youssef al-Husseiny; CBC for “Here is the Capital” with Lamis al-Hadidy; Orbit for “Cairo Today” with Amr Adib; and Cairo and the People channel for “This is Cairo” with Ibrahim Eissa.

The protesters also plan to boycott the newspaper Al-Sabah, headed by Wael al-Ibrashy; Al-Tahrir, headed by Ibrahim Eissa; and Al-Fagr, headed by Adel Hammouda.

Meanwhile, Salafis have continued their protest outside Media Production City for the third day in a row. They have been joined by additional protesters, who arrived from five governorates in 150 buses and set up tents in the public park.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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