Samaa festival for spiritual, religious music kicks off 16 November

The Samaa Festival, an international cultural event for religious singing and spiritual music, will kick off on 16 November, according to organizers.

The festival is scheduled to run through until 21 November.

The festival is organized by the Cultural Development Fund, headed by Mohamed Abu Se'da, and the Ministry of Antiquities.
Abu Se'da said in a statement Thursday: "The festival combines religious heritage all over the world through the participation of 15 Arab and foreign countries beside Egypt."
"The [festival] will coincide with the celebration of the United Nations with the International Day of Tolerence to emphasize the depth of the civilization of Egypt and its historic and pioneering role as a leader to peace and a beacon of culture in the world," the statement claimed.
Festival shows will be held at the Salahuddin Citadel and al-Ghori Dome. There will be a big market for traditional Egyptian crafts, as well as those from other participating countries.

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