Security sources: Camera and laptop identify perpetrators of Farafra attack

Sources said that security services were able to identify the perpetrators of the Farafra terrorist attack of 19 July that killed and wounded 25 officers and soldiers of the armed forces. 
According to the sources, a camera and a laptop that the terrorists left behind led to their identification, and that the terrorists could not flee from Sinai or Libya due to tightened security control and had to scatter in the mountainous areas of Minya, Dabaa and the oases.
They denied that one of the terrorists detonated himself at the checkpoint, as forensic evidence suggested that a hand grenade exploded accidentally and killed him.
The sources also said the terrorists failed to film the attack because the forces were firing at them, alleging that the videos posted on the Internet of the incident were fabricated.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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