Shooting Indian movies in Egypt will promote tourism: ambassador

India's ambassador to Cairo, Navdeep Suri, has claimed shooting Bollywood movies in Egypt could play a role in promoting India as a tourist destination to Egyptians.
Suri said he will work to convince cinema producers to film movies in Egypt in the future.

In a speech during a Wednesday ceremony, Suri – flanked by Cairo Film Festival head Samir Farid – said that India boasts one of the biggest film production industries in the world. It produces 1,000 movies seen by three billion people in 90 countries, the ambassador claimed.

Suri also added that he has held talks with major filmmakers in Egypt, including Gibreal Khouri, Antwan Zend and Samir Farid, who are also working to return Indian cinema to Egypt. 

Farid meanwhile claimed that the return of Bollywood to Egypt is a right for every Egyptian.

Edited translation from MENA

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