Sisi affirms Egypt’s commitment to support Palestinians

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi affirmed his country’s commitment to the Palestinian issue following the House of Representative’s meeting with Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, and in response to various calls to Sisi and government to do everything possible to protect Egypt.

Sisi wrote on his official page on Facebook: “I followed with great interest the course of the Prime Minister’s statement before the House of Representatives, during which he expressed the state’s constants towards Egyptian national security, and towards the Palestinian issue that remains in the Egyptian national conscience, as a state and a people.”

“I emphasize that the state, with all its agencies and institutions, will continue to provide the necessary support to the Palestinian cause at all levels, categorically rejecting any attempts to liquidate it, calling on all active parties to raise the voice of wisdom and activate international resolutions in this regard.”

Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament, Hanafi al-Gebaly, affirmed the Council’s categorical rejection of coercing Palestinians into internal displacement or forcibly displacing them outside their lands, specifically towards Egyptian lands in Sinai.

“All Egyptian state authorities must cooperate in confronting any attempts to forcibly displace Palestinians to Egyptian territory, as this constitutes a serious assault on its territory and a violation of its security.”

He continued, “The House of Representatives, for its part – and in its capacity as the legislative authority – always seeks to preserve the supreme interests of the state from all risks of aggression – whether from inside or outside – through the legislation it enacts that criminalizes any trespassing on the security of the Egyptian state.”

Gebaly said that the House of Representatives confirms, once again, that it stands firmly behind President Sisi and the Egyptian government through every measure it takes to protect the homeland from any and all attempts to harm it.

He added that defending the homeland means defending the Egyptian citizen, identity and history.

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