Social Solidarity Minister: New constitution must combat discrimination

Social Solidarity Minister Ahmed al-Boraie said that human dignity can only be achieved by drafting a text on social justice ensuring equal opportunities for everyone without discrimination in the constitution, which is currently being drafted by the 50-member Constitutional Committee.
In his speech before the Constitutional Path Conference on Monday, organized by the United Nations Development Program, Boraie said he badly suffered from the absence of social justice, as he was deprived from the post of dean of Cairo University Law School, despite being nominated three times, because of his opposition to the former regime.
Only the revolution gave him the opportunity to be a state minister.
Borai criticized cancelling the constitution article on the Economic and Social Council, saying it was a “big mistake.” The truth, he says, is that the crisis in Egypt is the result of the application of the law.
No one looks to the constitution every morning to know their rights, he explained, but they look into their pockets to know how they would feed their children. The main issue is the political and economic strategy, which allows delivering at least the minimum Egyptian citizen’s needs.

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