Socialist party urges members to support protesters in Tahrir

The Socialist Popular Alliance Party has urged its members to take to Egypt's squares to "defend the revolution and its goals” and called on its parliamentary nominees to suspend their electoral campaigns.

The announcement on the party's Facebook page followed clashes between security forces and protesters in Cairo and other governorates on Saturday that left at least two dead and 766 injured.

Talaat Fahmy, a member of the party's general secretariat, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the majority of party members support the call to freeze its electoral campaign and are organizing marches across Egypt to support the Tahrir Square protesters. He also revealed that the party will hold a Sunday morning meeting to discuss whether to suspend electoral campaigns or withdraw from the elections altogether.

The party will coordinate with all political players to adopt a clear stance on the recent developments, Fahmy added, noting that the fury that erupted in Cairo and spread to other governorates may stymie the elections.

Various political groups have accused security forces of violently dispersing a sit-in that began after a massive protest in Tahrir on Friday. Numerous eyewitnesses said the forces used rubber bullets, as well as tear gas, against the protesters.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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