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Furniture isn’t a regular purchase; however, it is a decision that influences our lives, wellbeing and comfort for a long time. Whether you are shopping for a small studio or a big villa in the suburbs, you have to take many factors into consideration. Here are some furniture options that suit everyone.

BoConcept is a Danish and expensive brand; all furniture items reflect a modern or contemporary feel. Their sofas, especially the sewed Nova Sofa for LE49,000, are incomparably comfortable. Their master piece is their retro Como sofa with its electric yellow/green color. Despite its high price (LE41,000), Como sofa is a good buy. However, the prices within the shop are high generally.

BoConcept also offers a wide range of imported love seats, recliners and futons that range in size and fabric.

La Maison is another furniture outlet offering a more affordable line of furniture; despite the French origin of the brand, most of the merchandise is far-eastern, hence the affordable prices. La Maison also offers a decent range of decorative plates and china; one Jar Plate costs LE212. The shop is spacious and contains several bedrooms and dining rooms. The furniture and accessories are reasonably priced.

‘Elements’ is located in Mohandessin in Amman Square behind the Shooting Club. The showroom is specialized in designer furniture; the prices are insanely high. The shop targets the A+ customer. However, during sales, some of the merchandise is remotely affordable. Bukhara chairs with embroidered Indian fabric are their signature item; however, one costs LE22,000.

Williams is specialized in super sophisticated and comfortable couches. The mechanism and the accessories of the adjustable couch are imported, but the fabric can be local or imported according to buyers’ tastes and budgets. Overall, Williams is a pricy place, but the end product is worth the expense.

Ralph Lauren’s furniture outlet in Designopolis is elegant, simple and modern, a typical shop for an American brand. An imported dining table with 6 chairs and a small buffet is not more than LE50,000, which could easily be the price of a locally manufactured dining room! The American brand shop is definitely a must visit. Generally, the shop is on the expensive side.

Tanis, located in Zamalek, is not only a renowned fabric place but also a home furniture manufacturer. Tanis keeps the authenticity and oriental touch of its fabrics in all its designs, couches, tables and beds. If the Harem feel is what you want for your house, then Tanis is definitely your place. The fabrics are affordable and unique. Tanis’s latest creation is a collection of cushions covered with photographs featuring traditional Egyptian life on the Nile with a garden or wooden carts carrying carrots. The cushion covers are sold for LE60 each.

All furniture shops mentioned above are located or have branches in Designopolis on the 38 km Cairo-Alexandria dessert road.

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