Student dies at Al-Azhar University

A student at  Al-Azhar University died early Thursday after clashes with security forces. 
Ahmed Al-Morsy, ambulance supervisor stationed in front of the university dormitory in Nasr City, said that one case was escorted outside the dormitory in a university ambulance and was said to had just passed away. 
"When I went inside the ambulance car to check on the student, I found that he was bleeding and died as a result of his injuries. He had received birdshot in his chest and up to his neck," al-Morsy added. 
The killed student is a sixth year medical student named Abdel Ghany Mohamed Hamouda. 
The dormitory has reportedly been set on fire due to students' riots. Security forces stormed the university buildings along with firefighters to put out the fire.
They arrested 17 students who were allegedly involved in the riots. Security forces then fired heavy tear gas into the university to disperse students which resulted in choking and injuries. 
Students have closed off the gates to the dormitory and put obstacles to prevent security forces from storming the buildings again. 
Meanwhile, Osama Eid,  Al-Azhar University president, said that protests will not be tolerated on campus because "they hinder the educational process and the general atmosphere of the campus". He pointed that the university has mandated the interior ministry to protect the university campus and impose the "no-protest" rule in order. 
Al-Azhar university students have been protesting for over a week against what they called "the military rule". The protests have resulted in dozens of arrests and injuries due to clashes with security forces.  
The Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) believes that this current period is the “worst and the most dangerous ever” since the 25 January revolution, which has threatened the student freedom and universities’ independence as well.
On 11 November the administrative security forces of Zagazig University along with some bystanders attacked a march of “students against coup,” firing gunshots and stones.
Moreover, a report issued by AFTE found at the same university unnamed assailants stormed and crushed the mechanics department of the Faculty of Engineering as they searched for the pro-Brotherhood students who had joined any protests against the current regime.    
In Mansoura University on 12 November more annonymous civilians joined the police in attacking the university’s gate and clashing with the “students against coup” march, which was demanding the return of the former president Mohammed Morsy and overthrowing the university head. 
The forces fired tears gas inside the campus and fired gunshots, which lead to more than 40 injuries and random detentions.
Meanwhile, at Damietta University the dean of the Faculty of Science decided to suspend the head of the university students union Esslam Abo El-Maaty for two weeks without any interrogation, in light of previous clashes at the university.
Moreover, Cairo’s misdemeanor court sentenced last week twelve pro-Mosry students from Al-Azhar University to 17 years in prison on charges related to off-campus rioting in October on the premises of Al-Azhar Sheikhdom headquarters. 

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