Sudan and Egypt to cooperate on water treatment

The Company for Drinking Water and Sewage in the governorate of Beheira and the Drinking Water Authority of the Sudanese Red Sea state signed a joint cooperation agreement seeking to improve water quality and increase water production in the Sudanese state through Egyptian expertise.
The agreement was signed as the Egyptian government is preparing to implement the model used by the Beheira company to purify and treat water throughout Egypt.
This implementation model follows the company’s successful use of mechanized meter reading systems, payment collection and the development of an innovative pneumatic pump system for water purification. The International Organization for Standardization awarded the company five certificates of compliance for meeting water compatibility and occupational safety standards under a plan adopted by Mahmoud Mansour, chairperson of the board of directors.
The company plans to replace the current water meters with electronic meters, which will allow for readings that are more accurate and the elimination of human error.
Recently, the company implemented the “Life Cycle Assessment” program to analyze the effects of water treatment on the environment. The program tracks water as it moves through the plant and measures water loss and energy consumption during treatment, with the intent of maximizing plant efficiency and minimizing its environmental impact.
The company recently began employing video-equipped robotic vehicles that navigate sewage pipes to perform maintenance work, therefore eliminating the need for street-level repair work.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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