Suez security forces apprehend man accused of murder, rape

Security forces in Suez’s Arbaeen district on Thursday arrested Hammo al-Sawy, who authorities have accused of murder, illegal drug distribution, armed robbery and rape.

State-run news agency MENA reported that Sawy is wanted in more than 55 cases. The agency reported that Sawy previously scaled the governorate building during protests staged in Suez last month and shot at the security directorate, targeting Suez security chief Adel Refaat and other officials.

Refaat told MENA he was very pleased with Sawy’s arrest.

State-owned newspaper Al-Ahram quoted a security source on its website as saying Sawy was the last criminal in his family to be arrested. His brothers, Kalousha and Batata, were arrested a month ago.

After Sawy was arrested by a combination of police and military forces, Al-Ahram said citizens and police in Suez were relieved. A loudspeaker-equipped vehicle roamed the streets of Suez Thursday to inform citizens of Sawy’s arrest, added the report.

Al-Ahram quoted a Suez resident, Mahgoub Hamdeen, as saying Sawy intimidated citizens over the past few months and caused some people to flee their homes due to his crimes, which included firing random gunshots at houses.

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