Supreme Electoral Commission examining expat voting

The Supreme Electoral Commission is studying election systems around the world seeking an appropriate way to allow expatriate Egyptians to vote in Egypt’s general elections, said Intisar Nasim, chairperson of the Supreme Electoral Commission.
Egyptian expatriates have the right to apply for a voting card at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in the country in which they live, said Nasim. That way, they can vote when they return to Egypt.
During a press conference two days ago, Nasim warned candidates for the midterm Shura Council elections against breaking the law when carrying out their election publicity campaigns. He added that the law bans the use of religious logos or mottos, and warned against using foreign funds to finance publicity campaigns or giving money to voters to influence their election choices.
Any candidate who violates these rules runs the risk of having his candidacy removed, Nasim added. Publicity campaigns are monitored by the Office of the Public Prosecutor, the police, the governorates and local units, he explained.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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