Syrian government delegation visited Cairo to discuss terrorism: BBC

A security delegation affiliated with the government of beleaguered Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has held talks with Egyptian officials in Cairo over issues related to counterterrorism efforts, BBC Arabic reported.
The visit by the Syrian delegation was made last week, the network quoted sources allied with Assad’s government as saying.
The reported visit comes shortly after Assad said in August that his government was in contact with Egypt regarding cooperation in counter-terrorism efforts.
The revelation by Assad comes while the majority of Arab states have made it clear they will only assist in resolving the Syrian crisis on condition that Assad is removed from power.
The governments of Egypt and Syria have the common interest of combating the Islamic State, which is battling Assad’s forces and has killed hundreds of Egyptian troops. The Egypt-based Ansar Bait al-Maqdis joined the Islamic State in 2014, changing its name to Sinai Province. Attacks on Egyptian troops, however, have been rampant since 2013.
The visit signals a shift from the policies of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, who supported Assad's ouster.

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