Tamarod considers U.N. supervision as signatures counted

The opposition Tamarod campaign is considering the possibility of inviting a United Nations (U.N.) mission to oversee counting signatures for its anti-government petition, campaign spokesperson Mahmoud Badr has said.

The campaign is currently in discussions with Egypt's Foreign Ministry, he added.

Badr said the new initiative would ensure no petition forms were forged.

Tamarod, which means "rebel" in Arabic, has called for demonstrations on 30 June withdrawing confidence in President Mohamed Morsy and demanding early presidential elections.

Badr also reiterated the claim that Tamarod had already collected 15 million signatures, despite doubts expressed by Islamist groups.

Campaign organisers said Tamarod would be setting up operation rooms to monitor events during protests at the Ettehadiya presidential palace on 30 June.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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