Thousands protest Alexandria governor appointment

Thousands of university professors, Muslim Brothers and 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition members protested  the appointment of a new Alexandria governor, who they say belongs to Mubarak's regime. 

Protesters described newly-appointed Governor Essam Salem, former head of the University of Alexandria, as one of the people who contributed to "corrupting political and university life before the 25 January revolution."

Alexandria's protests follow similar demonstrations against Qena's new governor, who was a police general under former President Hosni Mubarak. Protesters demanded clarification of why the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the cabinet of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf made the appointments.

Many have called for gubernatorial elections rather than a system of appointments. 

"Why are we still having those figures that are popularly rejected?" wondered Omar al-Sebakhy, professor at the School of Engineering in Alexandria. "Why are they holding such important positions after the revolution? Is this the new face of the revolution or are they just part of the old regime re-introduced into the political arena?"

Al-Sebakhy  said  during Salem's tenure as head of the University of Alexandria, the main public library was closed when he ordered all books and references sold.

"This is not acceptable for a professor and an intellectual about to manage the affairs of a whole city that has its international significance," al-Sebakhy said.

The protest started at the central Mosque of al-Qaed Ibrahim and moved to the Sidi Gaber area, where a military headquarters is located. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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