Three Mansoura students given prison sentences for rioting

Mansoura Misdemeanor Court gave on Tuesday prison sentences to three Mansoura University students, allegedly affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, on charges of rioting and joining a banned group in Daqahliya.
The court sentenced Salah Eddin Emad al-Qady, a junior Faculty of Medicine student, in absentia to one year in prison and fined him LE200,000. Mohamed Ezzat, a sophomore at Faculty of Pharmacology, to three years in prison. Mohamed Mossaad al-Gohary, a sophomore at Faculty of Commerce, to three and half years in prison.
Public Prosecution earlier accused the three suspects of protesting without permission, rioting, joining a banned group and attacking public and private properties.
Edited translation  from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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