Three state security officers acquitted in torture cases

Three former officers of Egypt's infamous State Security Investigations Services (SSIS) have been acquitted from Cairo Criminal Court on charges of torturing civilians.

Brigadier General Emad Siyam, who served in the now-dissolved SSIS from 1987 until 2009, was accused of stripping three citizens of their clothes and torturing them with electricity, in order to make them confess to joining a group called Tala'e al-Fateh (al-Fateh Vanguards).

Lieutenant Colonel Wael Meselhy was accused of stripping Mohamed Hassan Othman of his clothes and torturing him with electricity to force him to confess to joining an Iraqi resistance group.
Colonel Walid Farouk was accused of insulting architect Hamed Mohamed, beating him and depriving him of food to force him into confessing he took part in bombings.
The SSIS was dissolved after the 25 January revolution and replaced by the National Security Agency.

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