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Trade Minister discusses locally manufacturing buses, minibuses with Chinese company

On Sunday, Egypt’s Minister of Industry, Trade, and Small Industries Nevin Gamea met with representatives from the Chinese company Yutong Bus and Egypt’s Geyushi Motors to discuss their ongoing project to locally produce buses and minibuses.

Gamea affirmed the Egyptian government’s keenness to support international companies who are investing in the Egyptian market, stating that the investments will bring global technologies and expertise to the country’s industry.

She added that the government is also working to increase its use of clean energy by converting vehicles to natural gas and producing electric powered vehicles.

Yutong is currently focusing on the production of buses that run on natural gas.

Chief Transaction Officer of Yutong, Peng Zhao, said that his company is one of the top Chinese companies operating in the field of manufacturing buses and minibuses, as it has acquired about 40 percent of the Chinese market and 13 percent of Chinese buses and minibuses exports to global markets.

The company produces approximately 60-70,000 buses and minibuses annually, 10,000 of which 10,000 and are exported, Zhao pointed out.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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