Travel ban on CBC owner lifted

Public prosecutors have removed businessman and CBC satellite channel owner Mohamed al-Amin from a travel ban list.

Amin had faced travel restrictions over accusations of tax evasion, following public criticism in a speech by President Mohamed Morsy.

Amin is the owner of CBC satellite channel, a vocal critic of the role of deposed President Mohamed Morsy and his Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. It is home to Egypt's most popular comic show, al-Bermaneg, presented by Bassem Youssef, a scathing critic of the toppled president who had been interrogated over charges of insulting the president and Islam.

The accusations against Amin were filed after a speech by President Morsy in late June, in which the ousted leader said the CBC owner was indebted to banks.

"There are honest businessmen in Egypt and [on the other hand] there are Mohamed al-Amin, who owes taxes and whose channel harasses us, and Ahmed Bahgat, who owes banks LE3 billion and whose channel also harasses us. Nobody will escape justice," Morsy threatened.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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