Trial of Brotherhood leaders likely to be transferred to Tora Police Institute

The Interior Ministry is examining the possibility of transferring the trials of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, who are detained pending investigations in Tora prison, to the Police Institute in Tora, a senior security source from the ministry said.
The same source said on Monday that there are security reasons behind the decision to change the location of the the trials since the trial of former President Hosni Mubarak in New Cairo is already placing a huge burden on security authorities. Security authorities also fear the supporters of detained Brotherhood figures may attempt to help them escape during their transfer from Tora to the court.
The source said the Policemen Institute, meanwhile, is close to their place of detention and so securing the transport of the defendants will be easier.
If the Police Institute is indeed chosen for the trials, an iron cage will be built inside the courtroom like the one set up for the trial of Mubarak. A big platform will be built for the bench and be surrounded with iron barriers. The construction works will likely be entrusted to the Arab Contractors who successfully set up the courtroom used in the trial of Mubarak in a record time, the source said.
The plan to relocate the trials will be finalised over the coming few days in coordination with security authorities in preparation for submitting it to Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim.
Edited translation from MENA

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