Trial of Morsy, 14 others over killing protesters adjourned to Tuesday

Cairo Criminal Court adjourned on Tuesday trial of deposed President Mohamed Morsy and 14 Muslim Brotherhood figures over killing protesters in 2012 to Tuesday to review requests of the defense.

The court decided to delegate a three-party committee to review the videos attached by prosecution.

The court heard pleading of Mohamed Selim al-Awa, the lawyer defending Morsy, over killing protesters in front of the presidential palace in 2012.

Awa defended saying the lawsuit was not under the court's jurisdiction and that the court was filed in an illegal, unconstitutional way. He added that the Morsy trial should have taken place, according to legal rules set for trial of presidents and ministers, before a special court that is headed by the supreme judicial council

Awa said that the court should apply the law of the president’s trial. “Through graduation of authorities, people of lower ranks cannot appoint others at higher ranks, and hence defense minister cannot name the president. In addition, there is no official decision dismissing Mohamed Morsy from his post, which means he is still the president, and thus rules of presidents trial still apply to him,” he added.

Court displayed 13 out of 34 videos submitted by prosecution. Defense expressed rejection after the court reviewed the evidence and proving at the record that they were two CDs. The defense claimed the evidence proved by prosecution was different from what was recorded during the trial.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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