Tuk tuks detected twice in banned areas to be confiscated

Cairo governor Saeed Mostafa has issued a decision to confiscate all tuk tuks that are detected twice in downtown Cairo districts.
Saeed banned tuk tuks in downtown Cairo by the end of July, as well as neighborhoods of west Cairo, including Azbakeya, Abdein, Mosky, Wayly, Bab al-She'reya and Bulaq Aboul Ela.
Tuk tuks that violate the ban should be consfiscated, according to the decision. The tuk tuk owner will then have to pay a LE1,500 fine before he can retrieve the tuk tuk.
According to Saeed, the decision is a first step toward banning tuk tuks in other areas.
In mid-July, Cairo governorate authorities announced a series of restrictions that would be imposed on tuk tuk vehicles in Cairo, possibly leading to a complete ban of the vehicle, though officials are still studying it.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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