Update: Four killed, over 100 injured in Port Said violence, says ministry

Violent confrontations between police and protesters in Port Said left 123 injured on Monday, said Helmy al-Efny, the Port Said deputy of the Health Ministry. Fourteen protesters were injured by bird shot, while three others suffered bone fractures and other wounds. The rest suffered from asphyxia caused by tear gas.

Khaled al-Khatib, the head of the Central Department for Critical and Urgent Care, said that a total of four individuals died in Port Said during clashes on Sunday and Monday.

President Mohamed Morsy called an emergency meeting with Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim on Monday evening to discuss the deteriorating security situation in Port Said.

Ibrahim submitted a report to Morsy regarding what he called attacks on Port Said security forces by "unknown elements," and claimed there were clashes between police personnel and members of the Armed Forces in the city. The president and minister will also discuss security issues regarding transferring defendents in the Port Said Stadium massacre case to other prisons.

Clashes broke out again at Port Said Security Directorate earlier on Monday afternoon, coinciding with the funeral procession held for a protester killed in Sunday’s clashes. Protesters participating in the funeral hurled stones at security forces around the building, who fired teargas at the crowd.

Prior to the outbreak of the violence, thousands marched in the funeral procession of three people killed in overnight clashes with police.

Army leaders participated n the funeral of 17-year-old Sayed Ali al-Sayed, who died on Sunday on front of Port Said Security Directorate after being struck in the head.

 Major General Nasser Mohamed, commander of the forces securing Port Said Governorate, and a number of military police soldiers took part in the funeral.

The march began at Mariam Mosque, and was joined by thousands, including members of the Ultras Masrawy and the families of the victims. A car belonging to the Armed Forces Morale Affairs Department accompanied the march while playing verses of the Quran.

Mourners chanted, "No god but Allah, the Brotherhood are the enemies of Allah," and "I swear with your blood, martyr, another revolution [will start]" until they reached Port Said cemetery.

The funeral of the other victim, 22-year-old Abdel Rahman al-Sayed, is scheduled for Monday evening.

After clashes broke out in front of the security directorate, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that Central Security Forces fired live ammunition at the protesters and one protester received a bullet in the head and was transferred to the city’s military hospital.

A military armored vehicle fired live ammunition in the direction of Port Said Security Directorate, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported, adding that Armed Forces inspected the roofs of buildings surrounding the directorate buildings and demanding police forces withdraw.

Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that police forces responded by firing live ammunition and tear gas canisters at three military armored vehicles, which approached the walls of the directorate. The soldiers abandoned these vehicles after they suffered suffocation. Ambulances carried five army soldiers to nearby hospitals.

In a statement on Monday, the Interior Ministry claimed that unknown elements randomly fired gunshots at the police and the armed forces in an attempt to drive a wedge between them.

The statement appealed to the residents of Port Said to stay away from government and police installations.

Meanwhile, Port Said Governorate building, adjacent to the directorate building, was partially set ablaze.

Five were killed and 404 were injured late Sunday in violence between police and anti-regime protesters in Cairo and Port Said, said Mohamed Sultan, the head of Egypt's ambulance services.

Two members of Egypt's security forces and three civilians were killed on Sunday and hundreds injured when shooting broke out during clashes between protesters and police in the Suez Canal city of Port Said, security and medical sources said on Monday, bringing the death toll to five.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces denied rumors that Army Colonel Sherif al-Arishy, who was shot in Port Said on Sunday, died of his injuries.

The colonel, according to the Armed Forces, is currently in Helmiya Military Hospital being treated for a gunshot wound in his right leg.

The Armed Forces spokesperson also denied reports of clashes between the Armed Forces and the police in Port Said Sunday., saying that both sides were shot at by unknown attackers.

Sultan said in press statements earlier on Monday, quoted by state-run news agency MENA, that 30 ambulances helped transport 400 protesters who were injured outside the Port Said Security Directorate and governorate building. He noted that the victims suffered various injuries from Molotovs, birdshot and tear gas.

Port Said Health Department head Helmy al-Afny had announced the death of two CSF officers who were shot during the clashes outside the security directorate, the death toll later rising to three.

The clashes in Port Said erupted after the Interior Ministry transferred defendants in the 2012 Port Said Stadium massacre case to a prison in Zagazig, Sharqiya.

The defendants are awaiting a final verdict on 9 March over charges of murdering 72 football fans after a Premiere League football match in February 2012. A Cairo court sentenced 21 defendants in the case to death in January, sparking ongoing protests in Port Said.

Sultan also added that three protesters were hit by a police car in Cairo during clashes Sunday night around Tahrir Square.

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