Egypt Independent

US dollar exchange rate goes up at 10 banks

US dollar exchange rate recorded its highest increase at the Egyptian-Gulf Bank, out of 23 banks operating in Egypt, to reach LE15.79 for purchasing and LE15.89 for selling, according to Al-Borsa website.

The purchase rate at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank registered LE15.78 for purchasing and LE15.88 for selling .

The purchasing and selling rates recorded LE15.76 and LE15.86 at the Arab African International Bank and the National Bank of Greece. The rates at the Arab Bank, the Housing and Development Bank and the Bank of Alexandria are LE15.75 and LE15.85.

At Banque Misr, the rate went down by one piaster, registering LE15.7 for purchasing and LE15.75 for selling.

However, the rate remained stable at several banks including National Bank of Egypt at LE15.7 for purchasing and LE15.75 for selling.

The official rates declined by one piaster on Wednesday; purchasing registered LE15.72, down from LE15.73 on Tuesday. The selling rate dropped by two piasters to LE15.85, down from LE15.87.