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US dollar exchange rate in Egypt maintains stable prices

The National Bank of Egypt announced the update of currency rates on Monday.

The US dollar maintained stable price:s while the price:s of most foreign currencies changed.

The US dollar at the National Bank of Egypt this morning stood at LE18.30 for purchase, and the price: of the euro rose by seven piasters for purchase and 11 piasters for sale.

The price: of the sterling pound increased by one piaster for purchase and eight piasters to sell, according to the foreign exchange price: bulletin issued on Monday morning 4/11-2022.

Exchange rates for the Danish krone, the Norwegian krone, the Swedish krona and the Swiss franc rose, while the rates of the Japanese yen, the Australian dollar and the Kuwaiti dinar fell.


US dollar at the National Bank of Egypt:

  • Purchase price:: LE18.3
  • Selling price:: LE18.38


Euro price:

  • Purchase price:: LE19.9031
  • Selling price:: LE20.1261


Sterling pound

  • Purchase price:: LE23.7717
  • Selling price:: LE23.9712


Canadian dollar

  • Purchase price: LE14.5042
  • Selling price: LE14.6256


Danish krone

  • Purchase price: LE2.6761
  • Selling price: LE2.6981


Norwegian krone

  • Purchase price: LE2.0915
  • Selling price: LE2.1199


Swedish krona

  • Purchase price: LE1.9336
  • Selling price: LE1.9552


Swiss franc

  • Purchase price: LE19.5283
  • Selling price: LE19.7592


Japanese yen

  • Purchase price: LE14.5921
  • Selling price: LE14.8226


Australian dollar

  • Purchase price: LE13.5768
  • Selling price: LE13.7207


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 


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