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Video: Israeli soldier calls for rebellion against army leaders

An Israeli soldier or reservist has called for a rebellion against Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in a viral video clip, according to Israeli media reports.

The Reservist soldier appeared in a building within the Gaza Strip threatening not to hand over what he described as the keys of Gaza to any Palestinian party, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported.

He said: “We reserve soldiers do not intend to hand over the keys of Gaza to any Palestinian authority. We do not intend to hand over the keys of Gaza to any Hamas, Fatah, or any other Arab entity.”

The soldier addressed Gallant, saying: “You cannot win the war. You must resign if you cannot win this war… You will not be able to lead us. I am informing you, Mr. Gallant – if we do not go to victory, 100,000 reserve soldiers will remain on the fence of Gaza border. We will not move and leave Gaza. We will ask the residents of the State of Israel to reach Gaza, and we will provide them with protection, and we will listen to one leader – not the Minister of Defense, not the Chief of Staff, but to Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

The Israeli Army Spokesperson’s Unit announced that the Military Prosecutor General ordered the opening of an immediate investigation by the Military Police into the video clip.

“The behavior that appears in the video is a serious violation of the orders and values of the Israeli army, and constitutes suspicion of criminal violations,” an official army statement said.

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